Waterfront Toronto’s Evaluation 

Quayside RFP Objectives

  1. Sustainability, Resiliency and Urban Innovation: Create a globally significant demonstration project that advances a new market model for climate-positive urban developments

  2. Complete Communities: Establish a complete community that emphasizes quality of place, and provides a range of housing types for families of all sizes and income levels within a robust mix of uses, including public open space, culture, recreation, vibrant retail, education-related activities and offices

  3. Economic Development and Prosperity: Provide a testbed for Canada’s cleantech, building materials and broader innovation-driven sectors to support their growth and competitiveness in global markets

  4. Partnership and Investment: Develop a new partnership model that ensures a solid financial foundation, manages financial risk and secures revenue that funds future phases of waterfront revitalization

In addition to those RFP Objectives, Waterfront Toronto has identified five Priority Outcomes that the MIDP must address:

  • Job Creation and Economic Development

  • Sustainability and Climate Positive Development

  • Housing Affordability

  • New Mobility

  • Urban Innovation

Robust Data Privacy and Digital Governance are central to success and to the realization of all Goals and Objectives

Waterfront Toronto’s evaluation of the MIDP will determine:

  • Does the MIDP meet the RFP goals and objectives? How well does it meet those targets?

  • Does the MIDP align with the planning framework for the waterfront?

  • Is the proposed business plan viable and in the public interest?

  • Does the proposal satisfy our Priority Outcomes?

Accountability and transparency remain at the core of Waterfront Toronto’s work.

Waterfront Toronto has sought feedback on our approach to evaluating the proposed plan for Quayside, the evaluation criteria, and our goals and objectives from: Members of the public, Quayside Stakeholder Advisory Committee, Tri-level government partners, Waterfront Toronto’s expert advisory panels: Digital Strategy Advisory Panel & Design Review Panel, Waterfront Toronto’s Board of Directors & Investment, Real Estate and Quayside Committee.

The evaluators

The evaluators