Orienting yourself to the Sidewalk Labs Proposal

The Master Innovation and Development Plan proposed by Sidewalk Labs is organized into three Volumes. In the broadest terms, Volumes 1 and 2 propose plans for development and innovation (mostly things that we can see and touch). In Volume 3, Sidewalk Labs describes what they think is required to make those plans happen. There is also a fourth Overview document.

MIDP covers

Proposed Plans for Toronto’s Waterfront

These two Volumes describe Sidewalk Labs’ proposals for Quayside (as well as a much larger portion of the waterfront). This includes plans for:

  • Development of the 12 acres of Quayside

  • Development of a larger area that Sidewalk Labs calls “The River District” (153 acres)

  • Social infrastructure and community facilities

  • Economic development

  • Urban Innovations that focus on mobility, public realm, buildings and housing, sustainability, digital

  • New governance models and regulatory frameworks to support implementation of the innovations

Proposed Approach to Implementing those Plans

This third Volume of the MIDP was completed most recently and focuses on how Sidewalk Labs proposes that the plans get implemented. They propose:

  • Creation of a special district (190 acres in size) called the Innovative Design and Economic Development Acceleration District (IDEA District) that is governed by a new Public Administrator and other entities

  • Roles for Sidewalk Labs (developer, advisor, tech deliverer, and provider of optional financing)

  • Financial streams for the public sector related to real estate, infrastructure, and Intellectual Property

  • Government commitments (including potential future investments) required and areas of necessary public policy and regulatory reform