Social Infrastructure

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Social Infrastructure is often defined as a collection of facilities and organizations that support residents and communities. Sidewalk Labs builds on this definition, including in their proposed physical spaces, programming and service delivery innovations, and digital tools.

Sidewalk Labs has proposed:

  • Three physical spaces that can be classified as community facilities:

    • A Community Hub called the “Care Collective” to provide space for traditional health services as well as other community supports

    • A “Civic Assembly” to provide space for community programs, civic engagement and cultural events, similar to a community centre. It would also host a proposed “Tech-bar” that offers support for any digital needs within the neighbourhood

    • An Elementary School: As identified in the precinct plan, there is space set aside for a Toronto District School Board elementary school and a childcare centre

  • A set of digital tools to complement the social infrastructure and public spaces, including:

    • Collab: to gather feedback from community members about public space programming

    • Seed: Space to facilitate leasing and co-tenancy options in buildings

Other elements of Sidewalk Labs’ proposals:

  • Sidewalk Labs aspires for more digital tools beyond Collab and Seed Space to be developed by the community and through future partnerships

Waterfront Toronto’s Note to Reader Review:

  • Sidewalk Labs has proposed more community facility space than called for in the East Bayfront Precinct Plan. This space is proposed to be funded through City fees and development charges (in line with existing practices). An ongoing operational funding plan is not identified

  • There is no anticipated privatization of public roles or assets in the Sidewalk Labs proposal for Social Infrastructure. All existing roles for governments would be unaffected

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