Roles for Sidewalk Labs

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What Waterfront Toronto asked for:

In 2017, Waterfront Toronto issued a Request For Proposal (RFP) seeking an Innovation and Funding Partner. The opportunity was to help Waterfront Toronto develop a guiding vision by identifying and defining the necessary technologies, infrastructure and strategies that could lead to the delivery of a globally significant demonstration project that addresses challenges regarding Sustainability, Complete Communities, and Economic Development and Prosperity. 

Waterfront Toronto’s intention was for the focus of this vision to be on Quayside, a 4.9 hectare (12 acre) testbed site at the base of Parliament Street at Queens Quay East. This testbed could then be used to inform how project successes might be scaled elsewhere on the eastern waterfront, subject to applicable government approvals and procurement processes.

Sidewalk Labs was awarded the Innovation and Funding Partner opportunity in September 2017, and several steps in the process have unfolded since then. In brief, Waterfront Toronto and Sidewalk Labs worked together early in the process to do research, generate ideas and consult the public. The roles of the two organizations then separated, with Waterfront Toronto focused on creating a robust framework for review and evaluation of the MIDP. Sidewalk Labs prepared and submitted the Draft MIDP. The MIDP is ultimately subject to the approval of both Waterfront Toronto’s Board of Directors and Sidewalk Labs.

Sidewalk Labs’ Proposal:

Role 1: Development of Real Estate and Advanced Systems 

Sidewalk Labs proposes to lead the development, with a commitment to work with local partners, solely on the Quayside and Villiers West parcels (13 hectares or 32 acres) within the IDEA District.

  • At Quayside, Sidewalk Labs proposes a development with cutting-edge design and technology to improve urban life and meet project objectives

  • At Villiers West, they propose to continue, and amend as appropriate, the innovations at Quayside to develop an urban innovation campus anchored on an expanded Canadian headquarters for Google, an Urban Innovation Institute, and residential housing

  • Sidewalk Labs proposes to serve as lead developer for advanced infrastructure systems at Quayside and Villiers West that it has identified as essential to meet the project objectives

  • They emphasize that their role at Quayside and Villiers West is necessary in proving the market viability of the innovations and advanced infrastructure systems proposed in the MIDP

  • Beyond Quayside and Villiers West, Sidewalk Labs proposes no role for themselves with respect to development of real estate and advanced infrastructure elsewhere in the IDEA District. Rather they propose development would be led by third party developers and operators procured by Waterfront Toronto or the Public Administrator

Role 2: Innovation Planning, Design and Implementation 

  • Sidewalk Labs proposes they would provide advisory, technical, and management services to support and carry out the strategies and innovations proposed in the MIDP

  • These advisory services would focus on refining the Innovation Design Standards and Guidelines as necessary throughout the development of the IDEA District

Role 3: Technology Deployment 

Sidewalk Labs proposes to deliver new technological approaches for solving urban challenges. They:

  • Set fourth principles for technology deployment

  • Identify purposeful solutions (technology that doesn’t currently exist)

  • Propose a profit-sharing deal with the public sector on certain technologies

  • Put forth a patent pledge to allow third parties to develop solutions to build on certain of Sidewalk Labs’ Canadian patents

Role 4: Optional Enabling Infrastructure Financing

  • Sidewalk Labs proposes optional financing support to accelerate the delivery of municipal and advanced infrastructure, and the Waterfront East LRT

  • This proposal is at the option of Waterfront Toronto and governments to pursue

Waterfront Toronto’s questions for you about the Roles for Sidewalk Labs

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