Government Obligations

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Sidewalk Labs’ Proposal:

The MIDP proposal sets out initiatives that require future commitments by the public sector in order to realize the project objectives. Waterfront Toronto has identified these initiatives and places them into two categories – Government Investment and Policy/Regulatory Reform.

Government Investment

Future government investment needed to achieve the outcomes proposed in the MIDP has been identified through Waterfront Toronto’s initial review of the proposal. Further assessment of the MIDP is required to better understand the details of the required government investment and how it may impact the final evaluation of the MIDP. Examples of these potential future investments include, but are not limited to:

  • Municipal infrastructure (incl. the LRT):There is a significant investment in municipal infrastructure required to advance the plan proposed in the Draft MIDP

  • Below market housing program:Through National Housing Strategy Contributions and City Incentives, the public sector would need to support Sidewalk Labs’ private sector funding proposal with an estimated $77 million CAD in public funding to realize the affordable housing proposal. At the IDEA District scale, an additional $920 million CAD could be required

  • Not-for-profit/third-party management entities:It is expected that certain management entities would require ongoing operating capital from government, namely, the Open Space Alliance and the Urban Data Trust

Policy/Regulatory Reform

Sidewalk Labs proposes areas of needed government policy and regulatory reform in order to realize the project objectives. The MIDP proposes that these areas of reform fall into two categories:

Regulatory/Targeted Adjustments

  • Sidewalk Labs proposes elements of the MIDP would require targeted adjustments from existing legislation, regulation or policy

  • The MIDP proposal includes a total of 15 proposals that require targeted adjustments and the authorization implicated

  • The MIDP proposes that the targeted adjustments would require government action such as administrative agreements or legislation changes

Initial Innovation Design Standards and Guidelines

  • Sidewalk Labs has proposed a series of enhanced requirements, the Innovation Design Standards and Guidelines, that would apply to new development in the proposed IDEA District (in line with the IDEA District governance) in order to meet the project objectives

  • The Innovation Design Standards and Guidelines require no change in law or regulation and would apply to lands that are publicly owned or where landowners opt in. The MIDP proposes 20 of such requirements

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