About Waterfront Toronto

Waterfront Toronto, the public steward of Toronto’s waterfront revitalization, is working hard to create sustainable and resilient mixed-use spaces in downtown Toronto. Our mandate is to deliver a connected waterfront that belongs to everyone, serving as a leading example of innovation and excellence in urban design, a magnet for investment and job creation, and a source of pride and inspiration for Canadians.

The Quayside project is our most recent exploration of what an innovative community by the lake can be. A 4.9-hectare (12-acre) parcel of land at the confluence of emerging neighbourhoods in the West Don Lands, East Bayfront, and the Port Lands, Quayside has the potential to create precedent-setting standards for building affordable, sustainable, inclusive, and prosperous communities.

Over two years ago, we undertook a competitive process to look for an Innovation and Funding Partner to help us think through something special for this site – something that could set precedents for building affordable, sustainable, inclusive, and prosperous communities.

We selected Sidewalk Labs as that partner. Sidewalk Labs is a subsidiary of Alphabet Inc. and a sister-company of Google. As reflected in their mission, they “seek to combine forward thinking-urban design and cutting-edge technology to radically improve urban life, in Toronto and around the world”.

What is happening now?

On June 17, 2019 Sidewalk Labs submitted their Draft Master Innovation and Development Plan (MIDP) to Waterfront Toronto for our review and evaluation.

We shared it with the public one week later, and now we’re kicking off the first of two rounds of public consultation to seek feedback on the MIDP.

This first round of consultation is focused on orienting the public to the 1,500+ page submission from Sidewalk Labs, from the perspective of Waterfront Toronto as a public steward working with the support of all three levels of government to revitalize the waterfront. Click here to learn more about Waterfront Toronto’s consultation process.

How do the roles of Waterfront Toronto & Sidewalk Labs differ?

It’s important to know that Waterfront Toronto did not co-create the Draft MIDP. Waterfront Toronto and Sidewalk Labs worked together earlier in the process to do research, generate ideas, and consult the public.

The roles of the two organizations then separated, with Waterfront Toronto focused on creating a robust framework for review and evaluation of the MIDP. Sidewalk Labs prepared and submitted the MIDP.

The MIDP is ultimately subject to the approval of Waterfront Toronto’s Board of Directors and Sidewalk Labs.

About This Survey

Interested in knowing more about how this survey is being implemented and how the results will be reported? The following questions and answers respond to some of the key points we think may be useful to you. If there are others, don’t hesitate to get in touch to ask us at quayside@waterfrontoronto.ca.

Will the results of the online survey be published in full? 

Yes, including the statistical data of how many people submitted results, the percentages for each of the quick questions, and the text of all the responses to the longer questionnaire.

When do online consultations close? 

The final feedback deadline will be in the Fall, following our second round of public consultation. Early responses (shared by July 31) will help us design our second round of consultation.

Can people from outside Toronto reply?

Yes. The website is not geofenced (i.e. it does not limit responses from any place on the planet). 

How will you weight the responses in terms of in-person consultation vs. online feedback?

We will publicly identify what feedback is received in-person and online, and identify where there were common themes and differences between both mechanisms. We will not weigh one feedback source more heavily than another. This consultation is designed to assess the diversity of opinion and understand the rationale behind the various positions and opinions shared. It is primarily qualitative. 

Is this a statistically significant survey?

This survey is not intended as, nor has it been designed to be, a statistically significant survey. It is a mechanism to supplement the public consultation. 

What platform is being used to support this survey?

This survey is built using Squarespace. 

Does the Squarespace platform collect IP (Internet Protocol) addresses?

Yes, the Squarespace platform collects IP addresses that enable us to report on how many people visited the website, how many people submitted responses, and a general location of website visitors (at the level of country/region/city; precise locations are not identified).

Are IP addresses connected to the responses provided?

No. IP addresses are not connected to the survey responses. 

How are responses stored and who can access them?

The user-submitted survey responses are stored in an online spreadsheet, which is accessible by Waterfront Toronto and their public consultation team. 

How can attempts to “game” this feedback tool be managed?

Repeated IP addresses can be identified. Repeated long-answer responses can be identified.